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Our Mission

The mission of our Give Words Campaign is to strengthen the Community Literature Initiative’s financial efforts in providing quality education in authorship for emerging and underserved writers to realize their lifetime dream of publishing a book through community donations and sponsorships.

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Beginning on November xxth, we are aiming to raise funds through our Give Words Campaign with the goal of fundraising $125,000 over the course of 60 days to support all three of CLI’s programs.

Use of Funds

Funds raised for the publishing classes will go towards helping to subsidize student tuition for drafting, writing (*editing), publicizing.


Funds raised for the World Stage Press will support the expansion of our book publishing team, helping us create quality books for students and community members.


Funds raised for the Sims Library of Poetry will support our community programs and help us extend our hours of service into the evening, so that more school-aged children and teenagers will be able to access the library.

How to Support

Please join our efforts by donating to our cause below. Hiram Sims, Executive Director, will personally be kicking off the campaign by donating $1,000. Our heartfelt hope is for other supporters to join him.


You can also support us by visiting CLI’s Sims Library, which houses the largest collection of poetry books in all of CA!

Support Our Programs
Donate Here


$ 10
$ 20
$ 50
$ 100
The Sims Library of Poetry may be supported through monthly giving as well.

Campaign Sponsorships

A few organizations have already endorsed our campaign:


Every donation will help bloom a young writer’s dream.

Join us - Make a difference.

About: Hiram Sims, Executive Director, Community Literature Initiative:

Caroline Adams Miller, Your Best Life and Getting Grit.  Joining Caroline will be a top leader in the ESG field.


About: Connie, Director, World Stage Press:

ne Adams Miller, Your Best Life and Getting Grit.  Joining Caroline will be a top leader in the ESG field 

For questions, contact

All donations are tax-deductible.
Community Literature Initiative is a 501c3 organization.

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