The Poetry Anthology Class

( Level 1 )

The Poetry Anthology Class is our entry level literature/writing class taught at USC, but open to the public. Every week, learn a lesson on a literary device that governing all forms of poetry. Lessons include video and audio from national and local poets. Each lesson is followed by an open writing session, and an opportunity for student recitation. Each lesson concludes with a guest lecture from a Los Angeles poet reading from their published work, followed by a book signing.   At the end of the class, all students will have their poetry published in our annual anthology. This class is focused on fostering an environment that encourages and supports writing, and spreads knowledge about the significance of our literary heritage. Tuition supports all CLI literary programs, with a special emphasis on helping The Sims Library of Poetry.

Location: Classes will take place on Zoom, until the pandemic permits reopenning.

Start Date: February, 2021

Class Time: Thursdays, 6-9pm 

Tuition $190 monthly

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Phone: (213) 986-6586