Poetry Publishing Class

(Level 2)

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The  Poetry Publishing Class is a program of The Community Literature Initiative focused on teaching writers how to write and finalize manuscripts for publication. This class is for seasoned poets who are seeking a career in poetics. Classes are held at The University of Southern California (USC) and at The Sims Library of Poetry. All admitted students are guaranteed publication for those who complete their books.  We only accept fifteen students per class, so apply now!. All workshops take place once a week in the evenings from 6-9pm, and vary by day depending on the location. 

Step 1: Fill Out The Application

Step 2: Attend an Interview with the Admissions Representative

Step 3: Wait for the interview response letter (Acceptance or Denial)

Step 4: Register for the Class

First Year Students

Poetry Lessons

​-Understanding Metaphor

-Rhythm, Rhyme, and Reason

-Ekphrastic Writing


-Narrative Poetry

-Performing Techniques

-The Point of Conflict


-Rhythm & Meter



-Dramatic Monologue

-Place Centered Writing


-Figurative Descriptive Language

-Descriptive Writing Techniques                     

-Villain Archetypes vs. Hero Archetypes

-The Mechanics of Storytelling

-Understanding Twist

-Building the Interesting   

-Exploring Perspective & Tense:

Omniscient/First Person/Second Person

/Third Person-Past/Present/Future


-Lyric Poetry

-Exploring New/Traditional Forms

-The Power of Personification

-Research and Poetic Expression



-Character Development



- Fundamentals of Copy Editing

- Editing the Unnecessary
- Grammar Building Resources
- Punctuation Choices in Poetry

The Publishing Industry

-Formal Submission of Work

-Lit. Magazines/Independant Publications

-The Press vs. The Printer

-Understanding a Royalties and Contracts

-Benefits/Setbacks of Formal Practices

-Publishing vs. Self Publishing

-Getting your Title in the Bookstore

-Building a Book Tour