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The  Poetry Publishing Class is a program of The Community Literature Initiative focused on teaching writers how to write and finalize manuscripts for publication. This class is for seasoned poets who are seeking a career in poetics. Classes are held at The University of Southern California (USC) on Monday nights from 6-9pm. All admitted students are guaranteed publication for those who complete their books.  We only accept fourteen students per class, so apply now!  CLI Publishing Class is held Monday nights from 6 pm to 9 pm. All workshops take place once a week, on Monday nights, at 6pm. 

First Year Students

Poetry Lessons

​-Understanding Metaphor

-Rhythm, Rhyme, and Reason

-Ekphrastic Writing


-Narrative Poetry

-Performing Techniques

-The Point of Conflict


-Rhythm & Meter



-Dramatic Monologue

-Place Centered Writing


-Figurative Descriptive Language

-Descriptive Writing Techniques                     

-Villain Archetypes vs. Hero Archetypes

-The Mechanics of Storytelling

-Understanding Twist

-Building the Interesting   

-Exploring Perspective & Tense:

Omniscient/First Person/Second Person

/Third Person-Past/Present/Future


-Lyric Poetry

-Exploring New/Traditional Forms

-The Power of Personification

-Research and Poetic Expression



-Character Development



- Fundamentals of Copy Editing

- Editing the Unnecessary
- Grammar Building Resources
- ​Understanding Fiction Formats
- Punctuation Choices in Poetry

The Publishing Industry

-Formal Submission of Work

-Lit. Magazines/Independant Publications

-The Press vs. The Printer

-Understanding a Royalties and Contracts

-Benefits/Setbacks of Formal Practices

-Publishing vs. Self Publishing

-Getting your Title in the Bookstore

-Building a Book Tour

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