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Book Production

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The  Book Production process is a CLI program focused on editing and designing the manuscripts of authors who have completed two semesters of the Poetry Publishing Class and are in the process of completing their manuscript.

The Book Production Process occurs over an eight-week period during which Proofreading Editors (PE), Cover Designers (CD), and Interior Layout Designers (ILD) work with authors to bring their book to life. Editors, designers, and authors are expected to collaborate with and respond to each other within 48 hours throughout the the process.

At the end, editors/designers will provide authors with all design files (cover and interior) and host one final edit meeting (after the proof has been printed).  

We are excited to partner with you! 

What You'll Do

  • Collaborate with the ~3-4 Authors

  • Proofreading Editors (PE)

    • Identify grammar, capitalization, punctuation errors

    • Make suggestions to remove mistakes as necessary

    • Upon completion, upload final edited manuscript to Author Google folder

  • Cover Designers (CD)

    • Create cover using the available CLI templates & Author preferences

    • Add the CLI logo and sample barcode to the back cover

    • Upon completion, please upload the zipped InDesign file to Author Google folder

  • Interior Layout Designers (ILD)

    • Create an interior layout using the available CLI templates & Author preferences

    • Add the CLI logo to the interior where indicated on the template

    • Upon completion, please send the zipped InDesign file to Author Google folder


How You'll Work

  • After receiving the pairing email, you will coordinate Office Hours availability to meet with the Author(s) to discuss their manuscript/cover and complete your roles assignments as necessary. More details on what this specifically looks like will come as the season approaches. 


Who You Are

  • Collaborative Spirit with Authors

  • Communicative (consistently responding in 24/48hr window via email/text)

  • Trusted ability to work autonomously

  • Creative & Curious

Team Expectations

PEs, CDs, and ILDs will provide students with their completed cover and interior files (uploaded into the Author Google Drive) at the end of the eight-week period. 

Getting Started

Poetry & Designers_edited.jpg

Step One


Familiarize yourself with the CLI Book Production process for students and the Book Production Catalog.

Click HERE for catalog.

Step Two

Read the Book Production Handbook for PEs, CDs, and ILDs, and attend the Book Production Process orientation.

Handbook and orientation date for Fall 2022 Authors Book Production to come

Step Three

During Pairing Week, you will be given access to your Author's Google folder and will begin book production using the schedule below! 


Have questions?

Email our Book Production Manager at

Know someone who would be a great a Proofreading Editor or Cover/Interior Layout Designer? If so, please ask them to reach out to Thank you!

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