Book Production

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The  Book Production process is a CLI program focused on editing and designing the manuscripts of authors who have completed two semesters of the Poetry Publishing Class and are in the process of completing their manuscript.

Book Production occurs over an eight-week period during both fall and spring semester. During this time, authors are expected to collaborate with and respond to the CLI Book Production Team within 48 hours.


At the end, authors will receive all design files (cover and interior), one printed proof of their book, and one final edit meeting (after the proof has been printed). Additionally, authors have the opportunity to pitch their work to publishers at CLI's annual conference in Los Angeles in June of each year. At the Author Draft, authors will have six minutes to pitch and read their work to the small presses in attendance for the chance to be published. Presses will receive a copy of an Author Draft Manuscript Excerpt (to be formatted during the semester) along with contact information of the authors they are interested in. 

We are excited to print your books so, if you are eligible, apply now! 

What We Expect

Students are expected to successfully complete two semesters of the Poetry Publishing Class and respond in a timely manner to the CLI Book Production designers within 48 hours. 

What You'll Receive


  • An assigned editor, cover designer, and layout designer

  • Access to your design files

  • A printed proof of your book

  • A final edit meeting

  • An opportunity to pitch your work to LA presses. 

*Please note that while a proof of your book is guaranteed, publication by a press is not. 

Getting Started


Step Three


Complete your Book Production Application.

Step Two

Gather your book materials for submission using the Book Materials checklist. Use the CLI Book Production Catalog to make your selections.

Click HERE for catalog. 

Step One


Learn the CLI Book Production process by reading the Book Production Application Handbook and watching the Book Production Process Video.

Click HERE for the video.

Have questions?

Email our Book Production Team at