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CLI Books Application

CLI Books is a self-publishing service for students who have completed two semesters of CLI and completed our book production cycle. With this service, design files are revised and uploaded to Amazon's publishing service, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Students pay the hourly rate of the dessigner, who completes and uploads the files. 

CLI as an organization takes no profit or percentage of books sold. To learn more about the process, please read the following steps below. 

CLI Self-Publishing Addition




Create Amazon KDP Profile

This can be linked to an existing Amazon account. Be prepared to share your login/password in Step 3.




Purchase ISBN from Bowker

A single ISBN costs $125 per format (i.e. $125=paperback, $125=hardcover, $125=e-book). Be prepared to share this ISBN number in Step 3.




Complete CLI Self-Publishing Survey

The survey will capture all elements necessary to complete a KPD book profile. Be prepared to share your manuscript, cover/interior files.




Pairing with CLI Designer

Each Author will be paired with a CLI Designer who will edit files and upload KPD book profile.



Complete Edits to Files

Tier I: An estimated 2-4 hours of edits including adding barcode/ISBN/CLI imprint (optional) Tier II: An estimated 4-6 hours of edits including adding barcode/ISBN/CLI imprint (optional) and design edits Tier III: An estimated 6+ hours of edits including near-complete redesign & significant content revisions



Meeting with CLI Designer

Meeting 1: Go over survey, Tier edits, timeline, and cost
Meeting 2: Edited files shared for Author approval
Meeting 3: Confirm final files before Designer begins KDP book profile




CLI Designer Begins KPD Submission

Once the CLI Designer submits the KPD book profile for review, the Author will share any communication from KPD for edits/revisions to files



KDP Proofs

Once KDP reviews and approves the submitted book profile, the Author should order a proof copy for themselves & the CLI Designer for review. The cost per proof is determined on book specs and will be covered by Author.



CLI Designer Last Pass of Edits

Upon receiving the KDP Proof, the Author shares notes on specific edits to be implemented by Designer. Once integrated, the Designer will resubmit for KDP review/approval.



Your Book is Live!

Once KDP approves the final files, the Designer will update the book status to live and share the order link with the Author.

Additional costs for edits after live date is determined by CLI Designer on case by case basis.

To begin the process, call the CLI Books representative or email .

After calling or emailing, fill out the form below for the creation of your KDP profile.

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