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Social Media for Writers


Social Media is undeniably woven into our lives.  


Learn why Social Media is actually a great tool for writers and how it can be used to gain a following, increase your exposure, and create stability in your content creation.

At the end of this course you will walk away with:

  • A Focused and Fluid Instagram Feed

  • A New BLOG

  • A Newsletter Template for building mailing lists

  • A basic understanding of the use of photography, themes and aesthetics to draw in followers

  • An understanding of how to increase engagement/following on various social media platforms

  • Tools to help you organize and manage your time on social media

  • An understanding of Algorithm

  • Basic knowledge of SEO

  • Basic knowledge of Facebook Marketing

  • Introductions to Apps that will make Social Media a better experience for you and your followers

  • Tips and Tricks from Social Media Influencers and Experts

  • Much More

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Brandie Freely

B.A. Communications/English

Brandie Freely is an Author, Writing Coach, Blogger, Social Media Expert and former educator. 

After teaching English Language Arts for eleven years, Brandie relocated from her native Houston, TX to Los Angeles in 2018 to raise a family and make good on life long dreams.


By day, Brandie helps writers give voice to their stories as well as how to utilize social media to grow engaged audiences.

By night she pursues her own passions: Micro Blogging, hosting events for women, and pouring love into her husband and two children. 

Brandie is the author of truths. and freedom., a personal memoir that dares readers to expose their hidden parts in order to be whole. Through the retelling of her story in poetry, prose and essays, Brandie illustrates how ruin can bring about beaty and how the truth really does set us free.  

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